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Follow Your Gut

Aug 16, 2022

I'm going to be real with you... this is not the podcast episode I had planned for today.

Last week I wrote a fantastic guide on how to ramp up your immune system naturally. 

However, when Gio and I went to record it... poof! The guide was gone. 

But we roll with the punches here and my girl Gio came to the rescue with a great idea.

Recently I rebranded Life Unleashed to Follow Your Gut and since we haven't done an introduction to the show since we started over 3 years ago (has it really been that long??) it felt like a great time to do so!

In today's episode, Gio and I are switching places and she is interviewing me, covering hot topics like:

  • What is functional nutrition counseling and how will that change the future of this practice?
  • Why working out isn't the best route to weight loss. 
  • Why I chose the name 'Follow Your Gut' and what it means in the context of your goals.
  • How is my approach different than any other nutrition or fitness coach you see online?

So, whether you're new to the tribe and want to take a peak around or you're an OG and are excited to hear about what's to come, take a listen to this spur of the moment chat!

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